Château Tour Saint Christophe

Château Tour Saint Christophe was acquired by Peter Kwok and his daughter Karen in 2012. 

The property overlooks beautiful centuries-old dry stone terraces on a clay-limestone terroir. In order to preserve its rich heritage, Peter undertook to restore the Château. The objective was to revive the vineyard terraces with the reconstruction of dry stone walls as it had been built in the 18th century. About 1.5 km of dry-stone terraces have been repaired by hand, a two-year process to preserve the appearance of these unique terraces in Saint-Emilion.

The vineyard, with vines of an average age of thirty years, is orientated South-Southwest and benefits from an ideal exposure to sun and perfect natural drainage conditions. It is this secret alchemy which contributes to the quality of our terroir. 

Today the property consists of 20 hectares on the appellation of Saint Emilion Grand Cru.

Château Tour Saint Christophe is located in Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes at the frontiers of Saint-Émilion. The vineyard is a unique feature in Saint-Emilion, as it is partly planted on narrow terraces where the vineyard is tended in tight rows. This cascading landscape unfolds on the hillside of Cassevert overlooking the Saint Laurent valley.

The first cadastral map of the municipality from 1831 mentions a large plot of a few acres that eventually evolved into the terraces on the toponym Blanchon. The term fully evokes the terres blanches (white lands) of this part of Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes, a village generally best known for the abundance of red lands. The name Blanchon, or white lands, affirms a presence of a limestone plateau. An indentation of this plateau in Saint-Emilion is observable in the centre of the village, on the hill called Roc Blancan (white rocks) but where the terraces configuration is not as demonstrative as at Château Tour Saint Christophe.