'I enjoy wine because I love France, and I wanted my children to experience this rich culture.

I was very lucky to have invested in Chateau Haut Brisson, as I knew nothing about wine in 1997. Only the best soils can make exceptional wine, and Chateau Haut Brisson has excellent terrior.  I learned that to make good wine, you need to take the long view. You also need to have the right team, to acknowledge what you don't know, and to trust your team to make decisions. 

For Peter Kwok, making wine in Bordeaux is part of his long love affair with French culture. He grew up in Saigon, Vietnam, where he learned to admire French architecture, dark-roast coffee and crunchy baguettes. He earned a Ph.D. in finance from the University of California, Berkeley, and now serves as chairman of CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd., the energy subsidiary of China’s biggest state-owned investment company, CITIC Group.

A great Chinese art collecter, his Dong Bo Zhai collection of Chinese bronze drinking vessels, gold objets d’art and marble Buddhist statues was on display in 2011 at the Musee du President Jacques Chirac in Sarran, France.