Vignobles K Group

The Vignobles K Group, a family company, was created in 2014. It consists of 5 properties sitting on the best terroirs in 3 prestigious appellations of Bordeaux:

  • - Château Haut-Brisson - Saint Emilion Grand Cru
  • - Château Tour Saint Christophe - Saint Emilion Grand Cru
  • - Château La Patache - Pomerol
  • - Enclos Tourmaline - Pomerol
  • - Enclos de Viaud - Lalande-de-Pomerol

For Peter Kwok, the owner of Vignobles K, producing wine in Bordeaux is part of his long love affair with French culture. His Chinese parents raised him in Saigon, Vietnam, where he says he learned to admire French architecture, dark-roast coffee and crunchy baguettes.

Peter Kwok is President of Citic Ressources Holdings Ltd., the energy subsidiary of China’s biggest state-owned investment company, Citic Group, based in Hong Kong. He acquires Château Haut-Brisson in 1997 out of his passion for France and for his children to be lulled by French culture.

With a presence of the wineries now on all five continents, today Vignobles K is a major international player in the field of viticulture. 

Over the years, Peter Kwok assembled an experienced and capable local team whose aim is to extract the essence and the expression of the terroir.

Vignobles K’s goal is to produce wines which are the individual and harmonious expression of great terroirs. Our philosophy is part of a culture of respect of the environment through organic farming at Château Haut-Brisson and sustainable agriculture in our other properties. In order to preserve its rich heritage, we undertook to restore Château Tour Saint Christophe. The objective was to revive the vineyard terraces with the reconstruction of dry stone walls as it had been built in the 18th century. About 1.5 km of dry-stone terraces have been repaired by hand, a two-year process to preserve the appearance of these unique terraces in Saint-Emilion.

The commercialization of our wines, in partnership with the Bordeaux merchants, represents almost 300 000 bottles per year.

An ongoing programme of strategic investment ensures that Vignobles K’s can continue to grow, offering a high quality range of wines specially adapted to suit a variety of consumers in many different countries.